Emtron USA Training- Kennedy Space Centre

USD $530.59



Emtron USA Training will be conducted on the 4th and 5th of April 2020 at the Kennedy Space Centre in Orlando, Florida. Please email ben@emtronaustralia.com.au once you have made your booking with any dietary requirements and also your shirt size.


Who should take this course? 

1.Current Emtron Dealers who are interested in general ECU functionality, setup, and recent updates to firmware.

2. New Emtron users and potential dealers.

3. Interested in the Emtron product line and its capabilities.

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Day 1 

Product Range Overview

Documentation (website/wiring/help/quick‐start)

ECU Configuration Setup

-TriggersFuel Model

-Secondary Injection

-Input Channels

-Calculated Channels

-Scope Utility

-Output Functions

-Boost Control

-DBW Configuration

-Limiters/Engine protection

-CAL Slot Control

-Communication Setup

-CAN Bus Connection

-General Tuning Overview

-Table Math

-Axis config



-Emtron Accessories

-Emtron Keypad setup

-ED5/ED7 Setup

-ELC Setup

-Support/Support Requests



Day 2 

-Introduction to “Torque Management”

-Frictional Loss

-Torque Reduction Concepts

-Throttle Area

-Throttle Body Model

-Demonstration – DBW Configuration/setup

-Full configuration – Bosch DBW throttle


-Pedal Demand

-Multiple DBW Targeting

-Throttle Mass Flow functions and tuning

-Throttle Mass Flow Idle Speed Control

-Closed Loop Lambda

-Boost Control

-Single Solenoid

-Dual Solenoid -Dual Bank Control

-Dual Solenoid – Push/Pull Top Port Control

-Launch Control

-RPM Limiting

-Torque Limiting

-Traction Control

-Connected Functions

-Timers and User Functions

-Knock Control

-Nitrous Control

-Support/Support Requests


General Course Pre‐Requisites:  Fundamental knowledge of how general EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) systems function.  Thorough understanding of general high‐performance concepts like (but not limited to) forced induction, boost control,  launch control, and more.    Formal training in high performance tuning to provide basic understanding of Fuel Modeling, etc.  (EFI 101, EFI “ETW”,  EFI online Advanced EFI Tuning Concepts recommended)  Emtron Pre‐Requisites:  Emtron Software installation and pre‐registration   Emtron Hardware Manual review: https://emtron.world/download/2538/  Emtron Quickstart guide review (See: ECU Software Helpfile)


The course will be presented by Nick Pavloski, head of Emtron Technical Support. Retail customers who enrol in the training will receive a 10% discount on any ECU purchase.