Dealer Application

Are you looking to become an Emtron dealer but are not sure how to go about tit?

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Emtron products are primarily distributed through a dealer network which makes it extremely important that listed dealers are qualified to operate and support high level motorsport electronics.    

Dealer Qualifications

Our online Dealer Application Form will be expecting the following in the submission. 

1) Some form of proof of EFI Training.

2) Proof of business registration specializing in Engine Management

3) Proof of ownership of dynamometer

Process for a successful applicant:

Emtron World Dealer Login

 A successful applicant will be issued an Emtron probation dealer login on the website. Probation dealers can browse products that are available and order at probation dealer discount rates.  The probation period will for a period no less than 6 months and will require the attendance of at least one (1) Emtron Training event before an official dealer listing offer will be made.  A successful applicant will have full access to Emtron's support team.  During the probation period they will be reviewing the ability and proficiency of the potential dealer.  Their sign off on a probation dealer will be imperative and may ultimately decide if a dealership listing offer will be made or not.    

Dealer regions

 Emtron does not have regions controlled by “distributors”.  Some countries have stock carried by support agents or Emtron (USA, Europe). These support agents are only there to help fulfil orders in those regions to help save shipping costs, taxes, etc. It is common for dealers to trade with other businesses in their region. This is encouraged as it prevents the potential for saturation of dealers in that region. Dealers are encouraged to negotiate trade agreements with other businesses. This also simplifies the support network for a given region. The only restriction Emtron places on dealer assignments in any region is completely dependent on the potential dealer qualification and not on the number of dealers within a region, although this is a consideration when assessing new dealer applications.

Dealer termination

Emtron reserves the right to add and remove any dealer. Grounds for dealer termination are as follows:

1) Selling Emtron products without providing proper support

2) Selling Emtron products outside theire region.  This includes selling into other countries that already have a dealer in that region.

2) Lack of sales performance as deemed by Emtron for any given region.

3) Dealers who have not sold product for a period of 6 months or more.

4) Selling other ECU manufacturer products in place of Emtron products when provided a sales lead from Emtron or there is an equivalent product available from Emtron.  Sales of other manufacturers products is acceptable provided Emtron does not produce a comparable product.

5) Selling enhancement packages that include Emtron products to produce it into another dealer’s region without providing direct support or relying on other dealers to support it.