Emtron Support

What is included, and what kind of support should be expected from Emtron?

Emtron provides worldwide technical support to our dealers and customers, with support staff located around the globe for fast response regardless of your time zone. Our team includes expert calibrators, who have worked on countless applications and engine configurations, and have a comprehensive understanding of the Emtron hardware and software product line to help answer your questions and troubleshoot issues.

Emtron support is here to guide experienced tuners in the use of the hardware and software, as well as to ensure there are no problems with the hardware or software. To help bring people up to speed with the product features, Emtron provides training sessions around the world annually and we encourage all dealers and self-tuning end-customers to sign up for these events. In addition, Emtron recommends High Performance Academy or EFI University's series of classes particularly those focused on the use of Emtune software. Furthermore, Emtron's dealer network consists of some of the best tuners in the world - for end-customers seeking one-on-one support and training in the product, we strongly suggest you contact Emtron dealers in your geography to see how they can help you achieve your goals.

How to contact support?

All support requests are fed into a ticket system, and requests should be made simply by filling out the below form or emailing support@emtronaustralia.com.au

What to include in your support requests

Support requests 9/10 times will require our staff to review the working calibration file and generally any log file of the conditions.
PC logging is the best way to capture the log, as it will record all channels for the staff to review.

** Please note - if calibration files are locked, our support staff will NOT be able to unlock them. Please provide the password for the cal file in the request, or send unlocked versions of the cal file
** Our support staff does not further record, database, or share any user’s cal files, passwords,etc

Service Agreement

To better serve, Emtron has broken down the following categories as an included Service Agreement that comes with every ECU sale. These categories align with the ECU software structure, so one can easily gauge

*Public Support (Retail) *Dealer Support **Paid Support
ECU Connectivity and Pin Out ECU Connectivity and Pin Out Tuning of any kind
Plug In ECU Integration Plug In ECU Integration General/Fundamental Automotive Diagnosis or Service (wiring research, standard vehicle repair/training, etc)
Config : Engine Setup, Fuel, Ignition, Channels, Functions (excluding Motorsport), Communication (Pre-Defined only) Config : Engine Setup, Custom Trigger setup/decoding, Fuel, Ignition, Channels, Functions (excluding Motorsport), Communication (Pre-Defined only) Config : Communication (Custom), Motorsport Functions
Tuning : Table and Cal Slot control Tuning : Table and Cal Slot contro 3rd Party Devices
Base/Start Up map (for standard engines) Base/Start Up map (for standard engines Custom Start Up map
Hardware TMF/Throttle Body Model (basic) TMF/Throttle Body Model (advanced)
Torque Modelling (basic) Torque Modelling (advanced)
Hardware PC Support

* Included support for both Public/Dealer is limited, and up to Emtron support staff discretion when it may cross over to “Paid Support”. For example, an end user that simply has no experience with engine management before Emtron, should not expect unlimited support.

** Support fees will vary based on request. Full disclosure about what is required of our team will help us provide the best estimate at the time if your inquiry.