Repair Returns

Conditions of Repair

All repair returns must be accompanied by a fully completed “Emtron Repair Request Form”.  If the part has been purchased from a dealer, the repair return should be reported by and shipped by the dealer and NOT the customer.

Repair Charges

The minimum repair charge for an Emtron ECU is $250 AUS ex gst. The total repair cost will be assessed on inspection.

 Repairs come with a 1 year warranty.  Return shipping costs will be additional to the repair cost.

Warranty Repairs

All Emtron ECU’s and Displays are covered under by a one (1) year warranty.  If a unit is covered under warranty the repair will be at no charge. 

Products found to be damaged due to incorrect use will not be covered and will be subject to normal repair charges.

Repairs covered under warranty will also be return shipped free of charge.

Proof of purchase clearly displaying the purchase date must be provided to be eligible for a warranty repair claim.

International Shipments

All returns should be marked as "Return to Manufacturer for Repair".  If Emtron incurs customs or duty charges due to incorrectly filled shipping documents these costs will be charged back to the customer.

Emtron will not be liable for any package lost in transit in any case.

Unclaimed Repairs

Emtron will contact the customer when their repair has been completed.  If for any reason the customer is unavailable or unwilling to claim their part/s Emtron will store for a period of no longer than 6 months.  If after this period the part/s is unclaimed, Emtron will assume ownership and seek to dispose of the part/s.